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Feminists and Mothers and Work...Oh My!

(Illustration by Polly Becker)

The crowd who set off to see the wizard once echoed their fears of lions and tigers and bears...The Atlantic Monthly shows no fear as it touches upon the rather touchy subjects of feminism, motherhood and the nature work in a woman's life.  The article is probing, pithy and a bit punchy at times. It wrestles openly with the complex issues of the feminist movement and motherhood in modern times. 

The article, entitled I Choose My Choice - The fruits of the feminist revolution? Sisterhood, empowerment, and eight hours a day in a cubicle, is an interesting push back against some of the radical feminist rants offered by the likes of Linda Hirshman...who is featured prominently in the article.

I think that Sandra Tsing Loh has provided some probing thoughts about a woman's liberation in our day.  You might be surprised at from what she sensing her own liberation.  An article worth your time for both men and women.