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Why I come back to the blog...

Some of you may be wondering - what gives over at the POCBlog...Reid hasn't posted anything here in almost two weeks.  Yeah, me too - I am wondering that as well except that I know precisely why I have not posted here.  To be honest, my life is full of several things these days which I truly enjoy...though I need to make more time for doing push ups (I still think this is not a challenge though).

My wife Kasey and I have been married for over twelve years and I truly enjoy her company and making her laugh.  I like throwing on an episode of our favorite SciFi show and just get lost with her in futuristic world that makes both of us go Hmm. I also have two little girls that I am seeing quite a bit more these days as my office is in my living room (seriously, my living room is an office/library).  This has made interacting with the girls more readily available for us all and quite enjoyable.  I spend less time in the car and for the most part I can still focus on work that needs to get done.  After all, when your girls make home made T-shirts that say "We Love New Jersey...Jersey Girls...Go Rutgers" you just have to shut down the e-mail, give some high fives and hugs. 

There is also this strange bouncy creature that speeds up and down the highways and byways, kitchen and hallways...having a son is more fun than I imagined and his hugs, head butts and headache inducing two year old flow add a certain zesty and testy flavor to the Monaghan home team.

Furthermore, we are just a few weeks in from gathering together as a small house church called Jacob's Well.  It has been a great privilege to chart the course for our community under the good hand of God.  We have been meeting new people, believers and not, and trying to make sense of new lives, new schedules, new culture and new flow in a new community.  We have also been going to Athletes in Action meetings again...it is great to be back around  the AIA community again. To be honest - I love what we are doing these days. 

The other night I hung out with a new guy at our church watching Monday Night Football and throwing down nachos with a Yuenlings.  A fun night as I enjoyed the depth of a new friend who thinks and cares deeply about life.  We also watched DeSean Jackson showboat into the end zone for the Eagles dropping the ball a weeeee little early on the one yard line.  Fantasy football people know this play - it determined some outcomes!  Shout out from Reid and Shaun to my boys Schaeffer and Jay.  Additionally, the other day I met a guy at a networking gig who had great questions about God, family etc. A guy who naturally shared with me that he doesn't believe but his interest seemed to be piqued as we talked.  I like learning from people like him and helping in any way I can in someone's road towards God.  Yes life can be full these days.

Yet I am back here on the POCBlog again - writing away.  I have thought over the last couple of weeks about my longing to return to some blogging.  I have had zero thoughts that the blog coaches give: "You better post regularly to keep readers coming back"  "You better post new and original content or people get bored" - Yeah, I know.  To be honest I don't write on the blog here for any sort of reason like that.  Quite simply, I want and feel a need to write...I just like it, it is something I enjoy and the interactions with you guys in the comments is enjoyable as well.  Plus once in a while something useful comes out (this post...not gonna be one of those).

Anyway, I am on a plane heading to Seattle for some Pastor Training meetings (the amount of reading and writing for this gig has kept the last few days a bit busy as well) and some time with some friends who are about the Kings business.  I am pretty stoked as the time in planes and in airports today has afforded some thought and reading.  I am pretty jazzed about a book I am racing through here on the plane...There is not (A) God by Anthony Flew and Roy Abraham Varghese.  It is by and about one of the more prominent atheistic philosophers who four years came to believe in a intelligent God.  Look for a review (likely to be glowing) here soon...

So I return again to these pages called Power of Change - to scribble and think, laugh and wink and enjoy the company of friends.  So the technotheolosophical random blogging goes on...

Oh yeah, one last thing.  You know that snotty little "I'm a Mac" guy that looks down on the whole world because of the type of computer he is?  Well, he has finally been answered in a little ad by Mikeysoft.  My name is Reid and "I'm a PC" so don't stereotype me. Grace and Peace to you on International Talk Like a Pirate Day.