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Geeky Quotes of the Day

Here are a few geeky quotes that made me laugh today as I was scanning back through David Berlinski's book The Devil's Delusion - Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions.

On certain flavors of inflationary cosmology

During the 1980s, the physicist Alan Guth argued that the early universe was characterized by a period of exponential inflation. Very soon after it blew up in the first place, it blew up again. When suitably blown up, it stopped blowing up.  The Stanford physicist Andre Linde carried this idea a step further in his theory of eternal chaotic inflation.  Universes are blowing up all over the place. They cannot stop themselves.

Berlinksi, 122

And on the reductionism and evolutionary psychology of Steven Pinker:

When Steven Pinker writes that "nature does not dictate what we should accept or how we should live our lives," he is experssing a belief--one obviously true--entirely at odds with his professional commitments.

If ordinatry men and women are, like Pinker himself, perfectly free to tell their genes "to go jump in the lake," why pay the slightest attention to evolutionary psychology?

Why pay the slightest attention to Pinker?

Either the theory in which he has placed his confidence is wrong, or we are not free to tell our genes to do much of anything.

Berlinski 178

Amen, and Amen.