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Princeton Pilgrimage

I am in Princeton a few times a week with our kids school and enjoy connecting with college students and ministry in that campus community.  Yet there was one thing I had not done until this past weekend.  Some guys from Southern Seminary are looking to plant a church in the Philly metro area and came up to visit this weekend.  We had a great time with them talking about the first six months of the JW and things we are learning in the process of church planting.  The guys also wanted to visit Princeton so I gladly made the 20 min journey down. 

We went to a place that many Christians like to go at Princeton - a cemetary.  You see, many theological greats of times past are buried in Princeton.  We saw the grave of Jonathan Edwards, one of the leaders of the 18th century great awakening and former president of the college of NJ (Princeton). Yet the grave I paused over most was one, Charles Hodge, professor of systematic theology in the 19th century at Princeton seminary.  Though many have turned sour on much of his theological method, I still find his work rigorous, biblical and faithful to historic Christianity...he was a spooky smart guy.  For a bit on his theological method see Dr. Paul Helm's excellent treatment of what he sees as unwarranted rubbishing of Hodge's theoloigcal method.  Anyway, I had a moment at the grave of Hodge worthy of a pilgrimage...OK, the pictures were staged...but we had fun.


And some well done photographic skills displayed by Brandon Rogers: