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Finding God Dialogues

On the POCBlog we wrote a series of dialogues between two friends traveling through life as university students.  One of them, Richard, is a philosophy undergraduate student with ambitions towards a career in jurisprudence. He likes banter and debating but can be impatient and at times unsympathetic to the questions of God. The other, Sundar, is a student in electrical engineering with hopes of working in the field of wireless communications. Both young men enjoy each others company and discussion even though one is an atheist and the other a committed follower of Jesus and the Christian way.

The following is a list of each of the dialogues:

  1. What’s all this then? A discussion of created world
  2. Why are we building alters? A discussion of the religious nature of people
  3. Nobody’s Perfect? A discussion of the perfect and the good
  4. Why do mean people suck? A discussion of the reality of suffering
  5. What of love? A discussion of love, the brain and God
  6. What of death? A discussion of death and eternity
  7. Jesus? Always comes back to him