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Richard is a philosophy undergraduate student with ambition toward a career in jurisprudence. He likes banter and debating but can be impatient and at times unsympathetic to the questions of God. Sundar is a student in electrical engineering with hopes of working in the field of wireless communications. Both young men enjoy each other’s company and discussion even though one is an atheist and the other a committed follower of Jesus and the Christian way.

Why I always come back to Jesus?

[Richard spent the summer at home with his family after the passing of his father, he is now at NYU in his first semester of law school. Sundar landed a dream job working at Apple working on antenna design issues with the iPhone – the two are catching up via Skype]

Sundar – How is the family doing?

Richard – OK I guess, Mom seems a bit lost after Dad’s passing but she is hanging in there. First semester of law school is a bit rough—so much reading I’m just swamped. I feel bad because I can’t be there for her but I have my own life to live.

Sundar – You doing OK?

Richard – I guess, still seems surreal him being gone, but I really haven’t had too much time to think about it with all the prep and reading I have to do. Trying to stay focused but I do miss home a bit.

Sundar - Yeah, I’m a bit home sick as well but California is great – how’s that New York weather treating you?

Richard – Well a blizzard in October doesn’t exactly make for a nice walk in central park.

Sundar – It’s a bit chilly here already. Loving the new job here and started attending a great new church. It’s a start up deal so I suppose it fits Silicon Valley culture well.

Richard – So you have found your religious club already. Any cute girls there?

Sundar – Well, that isn’t exactly why I am part of a church community and it isn’t my religious club.

Richard – Well are there? [both laugh]

Sundar – What? Girls? [Grinning]

Richard – I see…you are wasting no time my Jedi master.

Sundar – Dude, shut up. [long pause] I have been out with one girl a few times. She is really smart and works at Google. Not sure how we are going to deal with that as I work on the iPhone now – she of course has that little robot phone going. She is new to the area as well and is involved at Garden City as well.

Richard – Uh, and what is Garden City?

Sundar – Sorry, that’s the name of the church

Richard – Weird – I’m used to Holy Church of the Saints and Holy Mother stuff. Garden City Church – simple and clear enough. I’m going to come and visit when I’m on break.

Sundar – What?! For church?

Richard – No dummy, coming to visit you and check out Silicon Valley. Plus, if I end up doing patent law I may move out there. But yes, I’ll visit your church as well. What is the church all about?

Sundar – Jesus.

Richard – Well, I know, I mean what is the focus there?

Sundar – I’m serious, it’s about Jesus. Remember how you asked me how Jesus can seem to get lost in all that religious mumbo jumbo? I suppose we are trying NOT to do that. Or get sidetracked from who Jesus is and what he is all about.

Richard – You are not about getting a republican in every office?

Sundar – Well, there are Democrats and Republicans and Ron Paulians and even some anarchists hanging around our community

Richard – I like Ron Paulians – they are always eager to convert you. And anarchists for Jesus?! Awesome.

Sundar – Well, they are friends but I’m not sure who they are for or against at this point – right now I’m guessing they might be against quite a bit. [both laugh]

Richard – I want to hang out with the anarchists for Jesus when I visit for sure.

Sundar – How about just believing in Jesus instead?

Richard – You always get back to that don’t you?

Sundar – I try you know.

Richard – I know.

Sundar – You know you can tell me if I ever need to back off.

Richard – Yeah, I told you I’m cool with the way you engage stuff with me. I’ve actually been thinking about our conversation about death quite a bit since my Dad passed away. I’m to the point where I want the gospel to be true – but I still have so many doubts and feel like an idiot for wanting to believe. I really want to believe. To be honest, I’m going to lose friends over this. I’ll tell you more when I come out over break.

Sundar – More about what?

Richard – I want to tell you in person…and meet your girlfriend.

Sundar – She’s not my “girlfriend” – yet [both laugh]