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New Developments in the Church of Steve Jobs

Today there was a surprise announcement from the Temple of Mac in Cupertino.  High Priest Steve Jobs has done something unprecedented - he has allocated some of his priestly duties to another.  Upon hearing of the recent dedication of one MacIdolator Jobs himself investigated this paragon of devotion.  Upon obtaining precise details of the supereragatory act, Jobs announced that Charlie Rose would be named Associate High Priest of the Church of Appletology.  MacIdolators have been rejoicing with light beer and spontaneous iPhone calling and texting.  They were, however, unable to text the photos of Rose to one another due to technical limitations.  Job's announcement was brief but to the point:

If anyone would give up their face for the new AIR, and he makes a living being on TV where people look at his face, this sort of dedication has not been seen before in the annals of Mac history.  Rose's sacramentalism, to receive bodily pain in order to continue to receive grace from his AIR has touched all of us in the Mac economy worldwide.  We do hope and pray that his influence would be deep and wide in our community.

Rose refused to comment.  Insiders said that he always knew he was called to be a prophet and that his AIR save was out of calling, not self promotion.  Unrevealed sources say the only real statement obtained from Rose has been: Don't make me a hero, it was just the right thing to do. Full news of Rose's amazing, self-denying act may be found here.

(HT on the Rose story - Tim Dees)